Our mission is to be your Ally

By providing customers with an incredibly simple, easy-to-use interface that integrates seamlessly with popular business tools and data sources, we enable them to achieve their goals with greater alignment, agility, focus and transparency.

Our values

Strive for Excellence

Our team constantly obsesses over every detail. We iterate, and experiment, always looking for new ways to raise the bar on business excellence.

Unstoppable Drive for Results

We never stop innovating, or looking for ways to create easier, more integrated ways to achieve amazing results.


We use Ally to drive individual and team focus, eliminating distractions, and enabling everyone across the company to work together cohesively, and in alignment with our strategic priorities.

Data Driven

Each decision we make is validated through data-driven insights.

Customer Obsession

We infuse our customer's voice into everything we do, and strive to continuously exceed their expectations.

Our Mission

Every day, with every version or feature we work on and release, we make it our goal to help every individual, team, and organization achieve superior results.

We're committed to the belief that effective goal management—if it's easy and seamless for people to use—can radically impact business outcomes in positive ways.

Founder story

Organizations today operate in a new world where agility, alignment, and transparency are critical to business success. This realization hit hard when Ally founder Vetri Vellore began scaling his previous startup, and discovered the OKR framework, a simple, yet powerful model for improving organizational agility, alignment, focus and transparency.

"Being a business leader working to increase performance, I quickly realized OKRs were difficult to manage and scale on spreadsheets and shared documents. To solve my current struggle, I created a simple interface that adopted the OKR framework and helped my business shift to a more modern execution model where strategic planning, goal-setting, and execution could come together in in one place—to accelerate business growth.”

In the early stages of using this new OKR tool, Vetri integrated it with Slack, so everyone had seamless access to their goals from inside their daily workflow. This enabled every employee to manage their OKRs and perform daily check-ins right from the comfort of the Slack application. This integration was instrumental in the adoption of OKRs throughout the organization, and promoted the growth of our business and health of our team.

Today, we are a new company, Ally, dedicated to bringing OKRs to organizations of all sizes, and making it a simple process to adopt the OKR framework into their everyday workflow. In addition to Slack, we now have friction-less integrations with other productivity tools, as well as data authentications with a variety of third-party data sources, with new integrations always underway based on our customers' feedback.

We now look forward to achieving our vision of empowering every individual, team, and organization to achieve amazing results through the easy, intuitive tracking of OKRs.

Vetri Vellore
Founder & CEO

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Leadership team

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Business Operations
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Kevin Shively
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