Your objectives, where you work

Manage OKRs inside the collaboration tool where day-to-day work is happening with Ally’s best-in-class Slack integration.

One-click setup has you connected in minutes

Easily add to Slack to setup your team and individual OKRs from right inside Slack, update and share the progress of OKRs, and integrate seamlessly with existing channels and teams.

See real-time progress

Bring transparency to your whole team or organization at all times, maintain OKR focus using Slack notifications and AI-powered alerts, and collaborate with managers or coworkers on a private channel.

Update and manage with ease

Get timely reminders to help you stay on track, update OKRs right in the Slack interface, and share weekly team updates with public channel messaging.

Stay proactive with smart alerts

Stay focused and up to date on your OKRs with smart Slack alerts that let you know when objectives reach key milestones or need additional attention before it's too late.

Over 650 enterprises use to accelerate business performance with OKRs

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