OKRs for Departments

Keep teams focused and aligned to achieve greater results

Connect team and individual goals to overarching corporate objectives with ease. Spend less time tracking goals, and more time delivering results.

"We were managing our goals using PowerPoint and it was very time-consuming. Ally.io has made it much easier to manage our annual and quarterly objectives, brought more transparency and continuous focus while saving tons of time spent updating the PowerPoint decks every week."

Steve O'Brian, VP of Marketing, Shiftboard

Boost productivity and team alignment

Spend less time on disjointed manual tracking practices, and instead, take an integrated approach that leverages the work your team is already doing.

Reduce time wasted on distracting tasks, by creating stronger alignment between day-to-day work, and overarching company objectives.

Create stronger focus around the goals that matter most, and ensure your team works together to achieve successful outcomes.

Unlock transparency across the department

Easily set, track and manage objectives for individuals and the team—creating stronger transparency and accountability for the work to be done.

See real-time progress on monthly, quarterly and annual priorities. Use that information to drive stronger focus, while making reporting and communicating performance to upper management seamless.

Engage the entire department by enabling team members to see how their individual contributions fit into the overall success of the company.

Take an agile approach to team performance

Ally's intuitive, easy to use interface helps teams stay aligned, while using real-time progress on priorities to become more agile, driving greater focus where needed.

Have everyone moving together, in the right direction

Organizational shift happens, when it does, Ally.io makes it easy to communicate changes across teams, to ensure everyone understands how to seamlessly change direction.

Goals made simple. Try Ally.io for free.

Start tracking objectives and key results in under 15 minutes with our 14-day free trial.

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