Manage objectives without leaving Microsoft Teams

When you bring focus and collaboration together, teams make better decisions, and companies see greater results.

Simple setup has goals connected in minutes

When you add to Microsoft Teams, you connect goals and collaboration together to bring greater context to the work employees do daily.

Track progress and manage outcomes with ease

Useful OKR dashboards keep progress top of mind, while tabs in team channels and personal chats provide employees an easier way to update goals, add new objectives, view progress, and manage priorities.

Stay on track with timely reminders

Timely reminders ensure employees will never lose sight of goal progress again. Empower employees to keep OKRs updated and stay prepared for their next review meeting.

Save time with fewer clicks

Spend less time updating progress with a focused check-in experience, built exclusively for Microsoft Teams. Eliminate wasted clicks, and instead, update all your objectives at once.

Run more effective meetings

Compare OKR progress over time to better understand which OKRs are on track, behind, and at risk. Capture notes inside the channel and chat, so everyone understands status, progress and next steps.

Stay focused on outcomes by tracking OKRs inside Microsoft Teams

In addition to our native Microsoft Teams integration, offers other powerful integrations to keep your systems in sync and working together.

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Manage objectives without leaving Microsoft Teams

Keep teams focused and working towards the same outcomes

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