OKRs for Startups

Align outcomes to focus on business growth

Stay nimble and focused while accomplishing goals quickly, to reach critical milestones that move your business forward. Keep everyone in the company on the same page, working together—with greater transparency.

"Ally.io is extremely easy to use and has the OKR best practices built in. It has enabled us to bring alignment and transparency to the business. And what’s more – we can do OKRs from right inside Slack. The team at Ally.io has been a great partner in helping us successfully adopt the OKR framework.”

Lokesh Dave, CEO, Enlyft

Accomplish more in less time

Adjust to shifting priorities without losing focus on the company’s overarching objectives.

Easily set and communicate goals, and gain the confidence that everyone is working together towards the same goal.

Spend less time managing goals by integrating OKRs with the systems and tools you’re already using, to automatically update progress and performance.

Execute successfully while focusing on growth

Engage employees with transparency, and enable them to see first-hand how their contributions are impacting the success of the business.

Implement top-down and bottoms-up alignment, and cascade goals across teams, to be confident your team in staying focused on the things that will move the business forward. 

Expand business productivity by making it easier for teams to work together cohesively, even as priorities change.

Start tracking objectives quickly

Start small, and expand as you accomplish and grow. Ally.io makes it incredibly easy to scale OKRs across teams, departments and the entire organization.

Stay focused on business outcomes

Make results a top priority while executing with greater agility. Eliminate distractions and provide employees the focus they need to accomplish work together.

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