Maximize employee impact with Continuous Performance Management

By connecting the lines between an individual's performance and OKRs, managers can turn end of quarter reviews into meaningful reflection points, collaborative conversations, and powerful calibration discussions.

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Cultivate a growth mindset and drive business impact

Enable employees to do their best work by engaging them in frequent, in-the-moment conversations, where managers and employees celebrate accomplishments and discuss minor adjustments that create immediate impact.

Turn quarter-end OKR reviews into performance tune-ups (or meaningful learning opportunities)

Create a self-evaluation culture with year-round conversations that strengthen relationships, improve dialogue, and drive continuous improvement between employees, managers, team leaders, and executives. 

Effectively mitigate risks, and achieve more goals

By creating a transparent environment where employees and managers can openly discuss projects, share successes, concerns and priorities, employees are better equipped to proactively manage risk and course correct when necessary.

Keep goals top of mind without leaving your favorite tools
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With performance reviews in, you can drive

Greater individual impact

Ensure employees always know where they stand and how they can improve individual performance.

Continuous skill development

By engaging employees in several mid-year touchpoints, managers create an open forum to discuss employee development areas.

Employee satisfaction and morale

When employees can engage in a systematic, formalized process to self-reflect on achievements, businesses see increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Stronger focus with prescriptive feedback

Goal alignment with real-time feedback ensures that each performance discussion with employees remains meaningful and motivates employees.

Transparency and accountability

Empower employees to understand how their work impacts the business while enabling them to spend less time preparing for one-on-ones and completing performance reviews.

Drive productivity and growth

Anchor employee performance with strategic objectives to drive greater employee engagement, productivity, and growth.

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