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Ally.io in the press

Cision PR Newswire

December 15, 2020

Ally.io sees more than 3x YoY revenue growth as businesses turn to the OKR platform for executional alignment and agility

The Seattle-based, award-winning company accelerates quickly, helping organizations strategically align business objectives across their remote workforce.

 SEATTLE, Dec 15, 2020 -- Ally.io, a high-growth technology company specializing in goal-setting and business execution software, announces a record-breaking year of growth with a more than 3x revenue increase year-over-year, adding over 500 new customers including Dropbox, Arc'teryx, Overstock and BambooHR. 

“The continually evolving market conditions, as well as the ongoing shift to distributed work, drove us to further invest in our OKR program across Dropbox. We selected Ally.io as our OKR partner due to their product’s ease of use and our ability to deploy Ally.io quickly to our teams,” said Tim Regan, CFO of Dropbox. 

The company’s rapid growth in the face of a global pandemic and economic upheaval is a sign that businesses are adapting to a new way of working long-term. Businesses in every sector recognize the need to be internally aligned and focused on goals and outcomes, rather than siloed and task-oriented, causing more organizations to adopt OKRs.

Recognized as a new force in the business execution space, Ally.io earned Geekwire’s coveted  “Startup of the Year” award earlier this year, and became a G2 Crowd Leader in the OKR space. The news also follows the recent string of notable hires on the leadership bench, including executives from Deloitte, Smartsheet and PayScale.

“It is challenging to create a system that unites teams across a company to achieve a common  purpose,” said Vetri Vellore, CEO and founder of Ally.io. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done in 2020, and the growth we’ve seen. In the years to come, Ally.io will continue to work hand-in-hand with those customers to create that shared purpose, and arm them with the tools to achieve resilience, phenomenal growth, and lead with purpose.”

In addition to leadership growth and new clients, over 150 Ally.io customers have expanded their use of the platform and brought new users to their accounts in the last year. This increase within existing clients reflects how more companies are adopting OKRs to maintain alignment across multiple departments. To better help customers understand and adopt OKRs, Ally.io launched a strategic and operational services offering to translate client plans into actionable OKRs that propel companies forward. 

According to an Ally.io survey of 3,500 US adults, 71% of Americans feel like they are working harder now than before COVID and seeing less results. Businesses have had to find new ways of motivating and connecting employees to the company’s most important goals. Ally.io enables this connection through goal management software that aligns every individual, team, and department goal to the company objectives, becoming one of the most mission-critical assets for organizations across the world. In fact, 97% of US employees who use software to manage OKRs say they understand and have an impact on their department’s goals. 

“Ally.io was selected by BambooHR for its innovative feature set and direct focus on strategy execution. Their tools and thought leadership are shaping our operational rhythm, which maps precisely to our business cadence: unlocking new capabilities for our leadership alignment, progress assessments, and execution against our operational plan.  We're tremendously excited by our growing partnership with Ally.io,” said Trevor Ralls, VP of Operations at BambooHR. 

The connection between priorities, process, and people in many organizations is fractured at best. Sometimes, it's non-existent. Ally.io uses OKRs as a bridge to unify business operation systems, projects and people. It accelerates business performance through focus, integrated execution and purpose-driven work.

About Ally.io:

Ally.io is a strategic goal setting and execution management solution that enables businesses to shift from traditional, disjointed planning and execution to a modern, OKR-based framework that drives strong alignment, agility, transparency, and empowers the workforce. The Ally.io solution makes it incredibly easy to adopt OKRs as a seamless part of the users' daily workflow. The platform has built-in OKR best practices and provides seamless integration to several enterprise systems including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Snowflake, Salesforce, Jira, Smartsheet, Asana, and ZenDesk. Ally’s comprehensive professional services offer continuous support, dedicated training, and coaching to ensure best-practices for implementation and successful change management. Since its launch in 2018, Ally.io has been adopted by hundreds of leading organizations in over 70 countries.

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