Seattle-based startup Ally has raised $3M in seed funding to become the intelligent operating system for business execution

Ally enables businesses like Slack, Remitly, Plaid, Teleperformance and UrbanClap to operate with the organizational alignment, agility, focus and transparency they need to match the fast pace needs of their evolving markets.

Just as Atlassian enabled product and engineering teams to move to agile development model to deliver world-class software products, Ally is enabling entire companies to elevate their strategic business execution Ally’s first offering, the OKR management solution, has already acquired over 150 paying customers in the US, Europe, and Asia since it launched in the summer of 2018 and the company expects to serve over a thousand businesses by the end of the year.

Ally’s $3m round was led by Founders’ Co-op, the Pacific Northwest’s most prolific seed fund, and included participation from Vulcan Capital, the investment arm of the late Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen, and other investors.

“Over the past decade, I’ve been part of over a dozen OKR deployments, including one as the lead product executive tasked with rolling it out to the entire organization. I’ve used everything from spreadsheets to disastrously complex HR focused solutions that tie business performance to employee performance and until I came across Ally’s CEO Vetri, who utilized OKRs extremely successful at his previous startup, I thought that while OKRs held great promise, that it was just too challenging to get an organization engaged enough to realize their potential.”, says Aviel Ginzburg, General Partner, Founder’s Co-op. “But I was wrong. What Vetri has built with Ally is the first solution that allows businesses to take full advantage of OKRs and start to realize the fruits of organizational alignment. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Vetri and the entire Ally team on bringing this amazing product to tens of thousands of business over the next several years and changing the way that they operate and achieve organizational success.”

Ally’s solution makes it incredibly easy to everything from business goals to full-fledged company-wide OKR deployments. It has years of best practices from successful businesses built directly into its workflows and requires no user training. Teams with hundreds of users have been able to deploy Ally organization-wide in just weeks, compared to the several months required by other solutions.

“Ally helped us to transform how we run our business. We went from using Powerpoint to Ally and are able to manage our quarterly and annual goals with strong alignment and continuous focus and while saving tons of time”, says Steve O’Brian, VP of Marketing of Shiftboard.

Using OKRs to transform a business requires continued engagement from employees and Ally achieves that by bringing OKRs right into the daily workflow of users through rich Slack integration that is featured as new and noteworthy in Slack’s app store. In addition, Ally offers seamless integration with other enterprise solutions like Salesforce and Jira, enabling users to easily link their day-to-day work to and automatically update their OKRs, and intelligent alerts to help keep objectives on track.

“Helping businesses and team execute with agility, zen-like focus with data-driven decision making has been a passion of mine. We used OKR methodology at my previous startup and it made a huge difference in managing fast growth” says Vetri Vellore, Founder of Ally. “I have been blown away by the strong early traction and the highly positive feedback from customers. With the support of our amazing syndicate of investors, we are going to fundamentally change how business execution is done, just like Atlassian changed how product development used to be done. I am super excited by Ally’s mission”.