Establishing an OKR system that works

Unlike other traditional goal-setting frameworks, OKRs utilize a healthy mix of top-down and bottom-up planning. This enables everyone in the company to come together and align on the same outcomes. With that said, here are a few things to consider when developing an OKR system.

Committed senior management.

OKRs rely on the vision of the company. While the system can apply to just about any employee, the strategy will only be as successful as a leader’s ability to implement it.

Company-wide alignment and transparency.

For teams to align on an effective plan, every member must understand how their role and contributions will impact the short- and long-term progress of the company’s Objectives. They must know where they should focus their time and how their goals align with other team members.

A reliable OKR tracking tool.

What isn’t measured isn’t won, so make sure the company is equipped to track group and individual progress, either with OKR software, a board, or whatever works best for your company.

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